Exercise – BGP and IGP interactions

A company  has a site  in Europe  and another one in Mexico. They are interconnected by  a private leased line. Each site is locally connected to an ISP (ISP-EU in Europe and ISP-MX in mexico). Border routers are respectively ER-EU in Europe and ER-MX in Mexico. Providers have allocated prefixes α in Europe and β in Mexico. Providers are doing in-gress filtering (i.e. a packet with a source address non allocated  by a provider is discarded by the first provider router).

In  the  rest of the  document, a  host A  (resp.  B)  will designate a host  in Internet (outside company network) close to the ISP-MX (resp. ISP-EU) with a metric linked to BGP announcement. C (resp. D) will represent an equipment in the Mexican (resp. european) part of the company network.

Inside the site, an IGP routing protocol allows all routers to know all internal prefixes.

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