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I2C Bus

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Read carefully the subject before answering. The document given in here describes the I2C bus.

Question1 (1point) Is this standard issued from an official standardization agency (ISO,ITU,…) or from the scientific/industrial community (IEEE,IETF,…)?

Question2 (1point) How many wires are necessary to transport data? What is the purpose of the clock signal?

Question3 (1point) With a bus running at 100Mbit/s, give the modulation rate of the SCL line?

Question4 (1point) Why only one address is needed on the frame?

Question5 (1point) Can the Ack bit be used to detect transmission errors?

Question6 (1point) Does the standard define a method to allocate slave addresses dynamically?

We plan to build a device composed of an Arduin omicro-controller, a LED screen and a keyboard. The goal is to display on the screen messages written on the keyboard.

Question7 (1point) Which element will be the master?

Question8 (1point) Is the master informed when a character is typed on the keyboard?

Question9 (1point) Can text be sent directly from the keyboard to the screen?

Question10 (2points) Give a time diagram describing how a character will be sent from the keyboard to the screen

Question11 (2points) We suppose the bus speed is 100 Mbit/s. The keyboard has to send 10bytes of data, what will be the real throughput for that transfer?(several answers are possible so explain well what are your hypothesis to compute that throughput)

Question12 (1point) What is the benefit of the repeated Start(Sr)?

Question13 (2points) Explain when Clock stretching is needed

Question14 (1point) Can the master broadcast frames to all slaves?

Question15 (3points) Can the master dynamically discovers newly connected devices to the bus? Propose a protocol to do so.